Tailgating Safety Tips

If you’re ready for some football this weekend…make sure your football feast is a safe, healthy one.

The U.S. Food Safety Administration has a little coaching to help you make sure your game day grub is good.

Start by packing cold meats and other perishables in an insulated cooler filled with ice.

Play it even safer by adding a food thermometer to make sure things like potato salad and burgers stay at a cool 40-degrees.

Securely wrap all raw meat and poultry…to make sure juices don’t leak onto other foods.

If you’re including hot foods…eat them within two hours of purchase. Make it an hour if the weather is still in the 90’s at game time. Hot food should be served at 165 degrees.
Finally, to make sure your meal scores a touchdown…use disposable utensils and bring disposable towelettes to keep everything and everyone neat and clean.
I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV with the information you need to protect your health.

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