Self Treatment and the Internet

A new warning about what some experts call a growing trend home mole removal and skin cancer treatment using potent and potentially dangerous agents.

Researchers say people are using the Internet to look for these self-treatment solutions

They reviewed 26 cases in which patients initially treated their skin problems themselves using advice they found on the Internet.

Their analysis found that the vast majority of self-treatments about 90 percent produced poor results with extensive skin tissue damage in nearly 4 in 10 cases.

And more than half of the patients ended up being diagnosed with residual or recurring skin cancer.

The study also determined that less than 40% of those with basal cell carcinoma were able to cure themselves with online treatment. This compares with a 95% cure rate seen among patients seeking standard medical care.

Based on their findings, the study authors advised dermatologists and other doctors to be aware of the risks posed by online skin disease treatments.

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