Lifestyle and Dementia Risk

Holistic lifestyle therapy that exercises both the mind and the body may help preserve the mental health of people who otherwise seem on track to develop dementia. This finding follows a 2-year study that involved nearly 1,300 adults between the ages of 60 and 77. All of them had exhibited early signs of cognitive decline. Half were enrolled in a multi-disciplinary therapy group. This group was given regular heart health guidance and nutritional information. They also engaged in routine socializing alongside supervised physical and mental health activities. By contrast, the non-therapy group was only offered standard health advice. The investigators said the therapy group seemed to enjoy the experience and nearly 90% of participants remained enrolled throughout the entire study period.

And most importantly after 2 years, fresh psychological testing indicated that the therapy group fared better in terms of memory preservation and the ability to think quickly, problem-solve, make plans, and render judgments.

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