Chemical Concerns?

Are antibacterial compounds found in soaps and other everyday products safe for pregnant women and their fetuses? The Food and Drug Administration will soon consider regulating the use of two of the most common germ-killers, which are the subject of growing debate over their health impact.

With this in mind, scientists from Arizona State University and the State University of New York looked at environmental exposure to Triclosan and Triclocarban. They examined urine and cord blood plasma from 181 mother/infant pairs.

TCS was discovered in 100% of urine and about half of cord blood samples, which according to the researchers means the chemical transfers to fetuses. TCC was also found in many of the samples. Another antimicrobial called butyl paraben, which is commonly used in cosmetics, was linked to shorter newborn lengths… though the long-term consequences of this are not clear.

While the FDA reviews these antibacterial agents, some companies have announced they are phasing out the use of triclosan in some products.

This research was presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society.
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