Health Tip: Protect Your Pets During a Snowstorm

While you’re warm and cozy in your home during the cold winter months, remember that your pets may be freezing outdoors without proper precautions.

The American Red Cross suggests:

  • Bring pets inside during snowstorms and very cold temperatures. Make sure other outdoor animals have shelter and water that isn’t frozen.
  • Make sure water and food aren’t blocked by ice or snow drifts.
  • Build a safe outdoor shelter that is raised off of the ground, and small enough to help contain the animal’s body heat. It should be large enough for the animal to turn around and lie down.
  • Make sure the shelter is turned away from the wind and the doorway is covered with something waterproof. Make sure it has a ground covering of straw or shavings.
  • Wipe off rock salt and other chemicals from your animal’s paws.

Source: HealthDay

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