Health Tip: Keep a Diabetes Diary

If you’re diabetic, keeping track of blood sugar levels, food, weight and exercise can be overwhelming. That’s when keeping a diary becomes a good idea.

The American Diabetes Association suggests:

  • Choosing the right journal. Consider whether you want paper or electronic, lined or unlined, thin or thick.
  • Logging into your diary after every meal, rather than having to remember all the details until the end of the day. Jot down all foods and drinks consumed, serving sizes, carbohydrates and your blood sugar readings.
  • Writing down your how hungry you were before each meal, how satisfied you were after every meal, and your emotions as you ate.
  • Looking for trends in your diet, such as too many carbohydrates. Make sure you’re honest with yourself.
  • Evaluating your diary for ways to make healthier choices.

Source: HealthDay

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