Health Tip: Dig Into More Flavorful Foods

Healthier food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers these suggestions to keep food healthy while boosting its flavor:

  • Give veggies a sweeter, smokier flavor by brushing them lightly with oil and a sprinkle of herbs, then roasting in the oven at 450 degrees.
  • Using a bit of oil, slowly caramelize onions in a pan over low heat. Use the sweet, rich sauce over a meat or poultry dish.
  • Add to your food a variety of colorful peppers or hot pepper sauce, citrus juice, pomegranate seeds or herbs such as cilantro.
  • Opt for healthier condiments, such as fresh salsa, tapenade, chutney, horseradish, mustard, bean puree or wasabi.

Source: HealthDay

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