Health Tip: Avoiding Insect Stings

Mosquito bites may be an itchy nuisance, but allergic reactions to the bites of other bugs can make them downright dangerous.

To minimize bug bites, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology suggests:

  • Hiring an exterminator to get rid of nests around your home.
  • Keep calm, and slowly move away if you spot a stinging insect.
  • Don’t wear perfume or clothing with bright colors when you’re spending time outdoors. Insects might otherwise mistake you for a flower.
  • Keep drinks and sweet foods covered outdoors.
  • Always wear shoes with a closed toe to make sure you don’t get stung if you step on an insect.
  • Make sure clothes fit snugly so a stinging insect doesn’t get between your skin and clothing.

Source: HealthDay

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