Health Tip: When Potty Training Doesn’t Go Well

If your child seems ready but struggles with potty training, parents should try to figure out why.

The University of Michigan Health System suggests:

  • If your child doesn’t seem interested, consider stopping potty training and trying again after a couple of weeks.
  • Skip disposable training pants and opt for cloth, which will help your child feel wetness.
  • Praise your child for doing well, but do not punish or get angry with your child for setbacks.
  • Don’t worry if your child still has accidents at night. This usually ends by about age 6.
  • Don’t pressure your child, which may result in your child holding a stool and causing constipation. Don’t give your child a laxative unless the pediatrician recommends so.
  • Offer positive reinforcement for notifying you and recognizing the need to go if your child asks for a diaper to have a bowel movement. Encourage your child to have the bowel movement in the bathroom.

Source: HealthDay

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