Health Tip: Don’t Forget About Your Teeth During Vacation

Vacation plans should always include what to do if there’s an injury to your mouth or teeth, the American Dental Association advises.

Here are the group’s recommendations:

  • Schedule a regular dental checkup before you head out for vacation.
  • In case of emergency, keep your dentist’s contact information on hand while you travel.
  • Contact a U.S. embassy or local consulate if there’s a dental emergency while you’re overseas.
  • If you forget your toothbrush, vigorous rinsing with water or brushing your teeth with toothpaste on a clean wash cloth or a finger can tide you over until you can buy one.
  • Store your toothbrush in a sealable plastic bag for travel. Open the bag when you arrive.
  • Brush teeth with bottled water if you aren’t certain the local water is safe for drinking.

Source: HealthDay

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