Health Tip: Don’t Be a Night Owl

You know it’s not healthy to get too little sleep. But going to bed earlier is no cinch.

The National Sleep Foundation offers this advice:

  • Establish the same desired bedtime each night, even on weekends. Make all electronics off-limits for 30 minutes before that time. Trim back by 15 minutes at a time if you’re pushing bedtime back significantly.
  • Exercise each day, but do so at least four hours before bed. Consider some light yoga or stretching.
  • Avoid food, drinks, medication or tobacco products that contain caffeine, alcohol or nicotine, which can keep you awake.
  • Prepare for sleep an hour before your desired bedtime. That means washing your face, brushing your teeth, reading or listening to music. Follow this same routine each night.
  • Set an alarm for when it’s time to start your bedtime routine and turn off any electronics.

Source: HealthDay

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