Healthy and Overweight Myth?

There’s been a great debate about whether you can be fat…and healthy at the same time. In fact, there’s a subset of obese people that stay free of metabolic issues like diabetes. But now, a large study looking at data dating all the way back to 1950, tells us being obese, with or without metabolic disease, is a ticket to a shorter life. This study presented three important findings. First, compared with healthy, normal weight people, metabolically healthy obese people were still at higher risk for cardiac and other death. Second, those with metabolic disease were at risk…no matter what their weight. Finally, blood pressure, waist circumference,and insulin resistance increased, and HDL cholesterol, the healthy kind,decreased, as BMI rose. Moving forward, you and your doctor may want to consider your BMI…and whether you have any metabolic conditions as you manage your long term health.I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV with the news doctors are reading

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